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Hector’s professional entrance into Cannabis was in January of 2008. At the time, his oldest and dearest friend had invented a bong cleaner named Chronic Glow. Together they attended the CHAMPS event in Las Vegas to find a distributor. Hector’s web designers built the first Chronic Glow website and he also shot and edited a number of videos for Chronic Glow that still live on.

In 2008 business processes in the cannabis industry were quite primitive. Most shops were run on paper and pencil. Hector had his own IT consulting firm, WebFlow Technologies, when he realized that there was a need for professional IT services and nobody was taking them seriously enough to provide it. WebFlow Tech began providing consulting to local shops in Southern California. 

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At the first ever KUSH Expo in Anaheim, Hector found Proteus420 software. This was one of the first business systems that was specialized for cannabis. Back then, there were not many firms willing to spend the amount of time on-site with a shop to understand what they needed. With an amazing software to back up the services he was providing, Hector was a quick success in an uncrowded field.

In order to understand and learn what cannabis growers needed from a software, Hector spent 6 weeks on a cannabis farm in Mendocino. He planted, watered and cared for several gardens to learn want needs to be tracked in order to have a bountiful harvest. The GROW Module in the Proteus420 system came from this experience.

As demand for software grew, Hector closed WebFlow Technologies and went full time to Proteus420 as Vice President of Product Development. Together with Proteus420, Hector traveled the many legal states doing speaking engagements and training seminars.

After one of these trade show, Hector and Proteus realized that there was a need for professional models to display the various glass and accessories that were coming to market. With that in mind, was born (Hector invented the word!). Originally designed as a shopping place for glass and accessories, Nuggbunnies did a professional photo shoot with glass from several vendors and immortalized the concept.

In 2014, while on a speaking tour, Hector met O.pen Vape. They were about to enter the California market and needed a representative that knew the locals and understood the conditions. In January of 2015, Hector became the first Southern California representive for O.pen Vape. With an award-winning product and the best territory possible, Hector excelled and set new company records. First 1,000 cartridge order, first “on-camera” product placement and he developed a winning strategy for Southern California. In 2017, Cheryl Shuman the Beverly Hills Cannabis Queen was featured on Hector was blessed to be included in the shoot.

In 2016, O.pen Vape released the Craft Reserve cartridge in Los Angeles at an industry only event. Owners, buyers, and budtenders were invited. Several vendor partners of Hector's also attended. Strange Therapy Solutions, La Lucha Edibles and Royal Highness provided samples and delicious treats for everyone. Strange Therapy captured the night in this amazing video. Hector is in it twice.

Throughout 2017 Hector has been working with master growers and a nutrient company on developing an organic feeding schedule for cannabis.

In 2017 a strain of cannabis was named in his honor. It's called Hector's Stripper


In 2018 Hector joined the Heavy Grass team as Director, Sales & Marketing and spent all of 2018 back stage at Heavy Metal Rock Shows

In 2019 Hector joined Buddy Vape as Director, Marketing & Sales. Buddy Vape is one of the worlds largest Vaporizer Cartridge and Battery manufacturer in the world. Based in Shenzhen China, Buddy has supplied the largest brands in the Cannabis Industry with Billions and Billions of cartridges. He launched the BCORE line of pods and cartridges, named the colors in the MOD3 line of batteries and did all of the R&D on new products being released for the US market.

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